Monday, February 4, 2008

NBA Weekly Preview

After seeing how great this week's slate of games is, we're going to do the preview a little differently. The Power 16 will be abbreviated, and we'll focus on a whopping 10 games to keep an eye on this week.

The Power 16
1. Boston 36-8. Surviving without KG while the young guys learn how to win on their own.
Opponents this week: @Cleveland, LA Clippers, @ Minnesota, San Antonio
2. Detroit 34-13. Yesterday sure did look like vintage Detroit Basketball.
Opponents this week: Miami, Portland, Charlotte
3. New Orleans 32-14. Two game losing streak could reach 4 by Wednesday.
Opponents this week: @Utah, @Phoenix, Memphis
4. Phoenix 33-14. If they couldn't beat the Spurs on Thursday, will they ever?
Opponents this week: Charlotte, New Orleans, Seattle, Washington
5. Utah 30-18. The hottest team in the NBA since acquiring Kyle Korver
Opponents this week: New Orleans, @Denver, @Sacramento, Chicago
6. Orlando 31-18. The frisky Magic just keep on winning.
Opponents this week: Dallas, New Jersey, LA Lakers
7. Dallas 31-15. Losing at Boston and Detroit proved they still aren't championship level.
Opponents this week: @Orlando, Milwaukee, Memphis, @New Jersey
8. LA Lakers 30-16. Kobe is playing like MJ and acquiring Gasol was a total steal.
Opponents this week: @New Jersey, @Atlanta, @Orlando, @Miami
9. San Antonio 29-16. Despite the injuries, the Spurs still know how to win big games.
Opponents this week: @Indiana, @Washington, @NY Knicks, @Boston
10. Denver 28-18. Melo is back just in time for 2 huge division games
Opponents this week: @Portland, Utah, Washington, @Cleveland
11. Golden State 29-19. Leaving Baron Davis off the All-Star team may be a bad mistake for the rest of the western conference.
Opponents this week: Chicago, Sacramento
12. Cleveland 26-20. Donyell Marshall should be cut for not having his jersey on.
Opponents this week: Boston, @Houston, @Atlanta, Denver
13. Portland 27-19. Congrats on making the All-Star team B Roy, now can you carry your team to the playoffs?
Opponents this week: Denver, Chicago, @Detroit, @Indiana
14. Houston 27-20. Rock Show could easily have an 8 game winning streak heading into the ASB.
Opponents this week: @Minnesota, Cleveland, Atlanta
15. Toronto 25-21. Continuing their pattern of following up a good game with an awful effort.
Opponents this week: @Miami, LA Clippers @Minnesota
16. Washington 24-22. The schedule gets no easier for the worn-down Wizards.
Opponents this week: @Philadelphia, San Antonio, @Denver, @Phoenix
Young Swole's Baller of the Week
Thanks to the efforts of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers are off to a 2-1 start on their road trip. And if it wasn't for Tayshaun Prince three-pointer at the buzzer they'd be 3-0. Kobe has been totally unstoppable this week, and now is going to have Pau Gasol to help him out. With the way the Mamba is playing, the Lake Show is a scary scary team.
Young Swole's Jackass of the week
For the second straight week, an NBA bench warmer demanded a trade. This week it was J.J. Redick, the guy you may be remember as the most overrated player in the history of college basketball. He could get away with shooting jump shots in college, but in the NBA this asshole has yet to realize that his defensive deficiencies cannot be hidden like they were at Duke. Since he can't guard a statue, he'll probably have plenty of time to write his poetry while riding a bus in the NBDL.
10 games to watch this week (In order of Swoleness)
10. Cleveland @ Atlanta, Friday. Young Swole will be a witness to the special brand of sickness sauce that is King James. This means the game has to make the list.
9. Washington @ Denver, Friday. Wizards start a brutal road trip in the Mile High City.
8. Dallas @ Orlando, Monday. Dallas tries to beat one good eastern conference team. Orlando looks to continue the positive streak of recent play.
7. Boston @ Cleveland, Tuesday. KG may be back for this epic battle. Can Lebron somehow pull off a victory against the best team in the league on his own?
6. Denver @ Portland, Monday. A huge battle for playoff survival and divisional bragging rights.
5. LA Lakers @ Orlando, Friday. The new-look Lakers head to Orlando to take on one of the most entertaining teams in the league. First to 120 wins.
4. Utah @ Denver, Wednesday. With the way the Jazz are playing, if the Nugs lose this game they may never catch them again in the standings.
3. New Orleans @ Utah, Monday. Two of the sickest point guards in the league battle in a wild west shootout. Can the Hornets post a big road win or will the Jazz keep rolling?
2. San Antonio @ Boston, Sunday. Both teams posted huge victories without key players the last week. Now we get a possible finals preview, though neither team will be at 100 percent at game time.
1. New Orleans @ Phoenix, Wednesday. The Hornets have been the big surprise so far this year in the West. The Suns have a gaudy record but fell apart against the Spurs and appear to be mentally weak. Not only is the best record in the West on the line, so are bragging rights. If CP3 outplays Nash and the Hornets can win in the Valley of the Sun, Young Swole thinks its time to anoint him the best point guard in the league.


Young Por 'que said...

Sorry to KG, Dwight Howard, Lebron, and Chris Paul... but if anyone thinks that Kobe is NOT gonna win the MVP, they are dreaming. This team seemed to be in shambles at the beginning of the season, and now they are clicking on all cylinders and (in my opinion) the new favorite.

Oh, and I hope Baron has a HUGE chip on his shoulder and just goes ape shit on the rest of the league.

young illiniwek said...

Agree 100% about Kobe. There is no doubt he should be the MVP.

Just watched some of Utah vs. New Orleans... Deron dominated Chris Paul. 29 points and 11 assists to 6 points and 6 assists (although Paul had 5 fouls and only played about 25 minutes). Deron seems to have his number when they play head to head.

young illiniwek said...

Nice call on the best game of the week. NO by 2 in double OT.